Editorial Services

In addition to agenting, I offer freelance editorial advice to authors looking to take the next step in their writing career and secure an agent or get published or to give general advice on the publishing industry. Below is more information on the services available.


Here, I’ll provide detailed notes on your submission package to ensure it’s ready for submitting to agents. This includes your cover letter, synopsis and the first three chapters or 10,000 words of your manuscript. For non-fiction, this will cover your submission letter and the proposal document.



For this, I’ll read your complete manuscript and provide feedback that covers any plot and structural issues, selling potential and what your next steps should be. This report will be around 2-3 pages long. This is not likely to be useful for a manuscript that is in the first draft stage.



This is a much more in-depth look at your manuscript and can be useful in an earlier stage. Here, I’ll be covering the plot, setting, characters, world-building (if necessary), dialogue and pace – everything and anything that needs to be addressed! This will be a report of several pages as well as notes, suggestions and queries marked on the manuscript but will not cover line-editing or copy-editing.

£10 per 1,000 words.

If you are interested in any of the options listed above or want to discuss something not covered above, please get in touch with me at meganacarroll1@gmail.com (Please note, this email is not to be used in relation to submissions made to me at Watson, Little Ltd)

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